Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July 8th: Bradley Palmer Hike (Henderson's for Breakfast)

The pond at Bradley Palmer State Park, July 1, 2017
We have a hike planned for this coming Saturday, July 8th, at Bradley Palmer State Park!

First, we will meet for breakfast at Henderson's Cafe in Wenham at 7:00 a.m. Please join us for breakfast even if you don't plan on hiking. It will be fun to see folks!!

After breakfast, we will reconvene at the parking lot at Bradley Palmer. (Note: There is a suggested $5 parking fee payable by credit/debit card. It's a small donation towards this lovely park. If you have a Mass Parks Pass, you're covered)

There are a few route options available, starting with a 1 mile hike on the flat Healthy Heart Trail along the Ipswich River. Folks will have a choice to either turn around at the footbridge and head back, (for a 1.8 mile round trip), or continue on for a longer (3.6 mile) hike on moderate terrain. The paths are not difficult -- just less traveled and more interesting -- with roots and a few obstacles like mud. (You need to watch your step in a few places.) It's not highly technical and there are just two notable hills. One is approximately 100 yards long, (the length of a football field), and steep; the second hill is a more gradual climb to the top of Moon Hill. Each can be taken slowly. It's a fun hike that I think you will enjoy.

The shorter hike will take 30-40 minutes; the longer hike approximately 2 hours.

We will have copies of the map for you -- you can preview it here.

Just a reminder to bring water and have footwear/sneakers you can walk in. (We don't recommend sandals.) We'll have bug repellent, (Ben's 30% DEET or Repel's Lemon Eucalyptus), but if you prefer something else, please be sure to bring it.

If the weather is questionable, breakfast is still ON!! Rain or shine!!

Hope to see you on Saturday at Henderson's!

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222kante said...

See you tomorrow at Hendersons at 7am. Cyclopath Sheldon