Sunday, December 18, 2016

Avram Hammer, In Memory

Nickname:  Av
Year you became a Cyclopath: 1974 (before Creation)
Claim to Fame: I created the name "Steve-Bob"
Favorite ride on the North Shore: Used to be Wallis Sands Beach; now it's Beverly Airport.
Favorite Breakfast Spot: See above.
What bike do you ride?  Lotus '82; Burley '99.
Has Drew named your bike? Lotus Levi
Brief cycling background: Yes!
What was your worst day on the bike? That's easy; Labor Day 1986; Rendered unconscious by a parked 10 wheeler.
Favorite day on the bike? Also easy.  Wallis Sands round trip on the tandem.  Led the pack all the way back to Newburyport.  Wait ...  also a one way ride from M'Head to Ogunquit with a 20 mph tailwind.  75 miles in under 4 hours!
What is your favorite bike food? Fried clams.
Most likely to say: "I don't understand the question".  (That's what I'm most likely to say).
Least likely to say: "Silly question".
Hidden talent: They're all displayed.

Something we don't know about you but should:  I'm an open book.

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