Thursday, October 06, 2016

#TBT October 2006. Our jerseys arrive!!

Av was the first Cyclopath to wear our new jersey!
OMG, you can not imagine what a production it was to create our jerseys... hahahahahaha... I kept thinking, "WHAT have I gotten myself into?!" In the end, they came out terrific, although I'm not fond of the fabric. The first person to wear his jersey right out of the gate was Av Hammer!! Awesome. You all wear it well.

We still have a box of surplus (aka FREE) jerseys available -- Men's Large (quantity: 1), XL (5), and  2XL (2) if anyone would like to refresh theirs or grab a different size! (Sorry... no women's sizes are available.)

If you're not familiar with social media hashtags, #TBT might be new to you. TBT is the acronym for Throwback Thursday -- a posting of older photographs or a memory from the past. From now until the end of the year, I will try to post a TBT every Thursday, looking back at some great Cyclopath memories. (Send along any throwback photos or memories you'd like to share ( and I'll post them!

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