Thursday, October 27, 2016

#TBT Halloween Ride 2005

In 2005, just Donna and Ducky bundled up for that year's "Annual" Halloween Ride -- the only Cyclopaths brave/crazy enough to ride in the frigid temperatures that year.

Donna stopped by the newly installed 'Bewitched' statue, 2005
Donna reported: While many were home "dressed up" as sleeping Cyclopaths in flannel night shirts, stocking caps, and under warm blankets in bed... a "Tropical" Witch and a Duck set out by bike to ride through the streets of Salem and Beverly. Bewitched by the fact that their friends were nowhere to be seen, they ventured on to the Beverly Airport. After breakfast, as they departed, the snow flurries began to fly with a bit of hail for good luck. (Although Hail, Hail, the gang was not there...) Undeterred by the weather, the witch and duck cycled a scenic route through Wenham with a pitstop at the Sturim's Non-haunted Mansion, making their way back home by 10:30am. Happy Trick or Treat!
Snow and hail on the Halloween Ride 2005

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