Sunday, August 21, 2016

Short and Sweet to Bradley Palmer State Park

Riding through Bradley Palmer State Park
We had a terrific day for a ride on Saturday, although only two riders this week -- Gail and Tam -- and Ed meeting us for breakfast. We chose a short ride and rode over to Henderson's Cafe in Hamilton, (4 miles by Tam's choice of Cherry and Arbor Streets to 1A, but 3 miles by Ed's drive down Cedar Street), where we had a nice, leisurely chat and cheerful breakfast, despite a few mix-ups with our order.

After breakfast, and saying goodbye to Ed, we chose to loop through Bradley Palmer State Park -- entering the park from the more northern Asbury Street main entrance. The park was quiet, despite the beautiful day, (although the kiddie splash pool was not yet open). After exiting the park, and heading home through Wenham, we noticed the summer drought's affect on the Wenham Reservoir. Sad. Despite enjoying this nice, sunny weather, we really need some rain!

Arriving back at the Beverly Airport, we finished up our ride at 14 miles -- not too long and not too short. A great morning!

Riding into the sun. Such a beautiful Summer day!
A great day for a ride!

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