Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What a great party!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Pre-PMC gathering! It was so nice to see so many Cyclopaths and catch up with many of you!! Including Bill, Drew, Little Dave, and Michael and Ann Kelleher, who we haven't see in a while; Av and Laurie, just getting home from Vermont; Ducky, joining us after a family cookout earlier in the day, (busy!); Sheldon and Fran, ohmigosh that CAKE!! So awesome; Barbara, Gail, Paul and JoanMatt, Brenda, Donna, Ed, fantastic cheesecake!, Mike and Chip... What a great group! 

We wish our Pan Mass Challenge participants -- Donna (Happy 25th!), Brenda (in a cast!), Jeff (still needing a ride from Wellesley!) and Ed (in the Command Center), as well as Michael and Ann (at the finish lines) -- a safe, cool, dry, fabulous PMC. Thank you for continuing the cause.

It was great fun to see everyone! The food was amazing and the shared smiles and love the best. You all know how to bring a party!


kante said...

We are grateful to you, Tammy and Mike for a wonderful pre-PMC party and keeping the tradition alive. Fran and I enjoyed catching up with fellow Cyclopaths. A good time was had by all. Thank you both for putting this memorable event together. Just beautiful! Love, Fran and Sheldon

Anonymous said...

Dido Tammy & Mike thank you so much for hosting & coordinating this specal get together. Beautifull Love

Anonymous said...


michael and ann said...

awesome getting together to renew memories a ding ding of the famous bicycle bell to Donna, Brian Jeff and all who donate ride and support this event - we remember all who have gone before us to empower us to "Bike on" Shalom

and No I am not a robot or at least i dont think so