Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Next Up: Georgetown! (August 6th)

Our summer of broader destinations continues on Saturday, August 6th, as we head up to Theo's in Georgetown for breakfast.

As it is the PMC weekend and only a handful of us are riding, we will not have a Salem start this week, but instead have a slightly later start from the Beverly Airport at 7:30 a.m. (Anyone wishing to ride from Salem may still do so on their own -- it is 6 miles from our Salem start location to the Beverly Airport.)

Part of the ride will be on the Wenham Rail Trail/Topsfield Linear Common that we like, away from the busy road. From Beverly Airport, taking the trail and returning to Route 97 in Topsfield towards Georgetown, it is 12 miles to the restaurant. (An alternate route, looping through Boxford passing the Boxford Community Store and up Georgetown Road adds a mile and a half to the route.) 

Estimated Mileage from Map My Ride
Beverly Airport to Theo's in Georgetown via 97: 12 miles (24 RT)
Beverly Airport to Georgetown through Boxford, (taking 97 on return): 13.5 miles to Theo's, 12 on return, (25.5 RT)

Mileage Notes:
Parking at the Wenham Trail trail head on Rt 97 and taking trail to Topsfield: 4 miles
From Main Street in Topsfield to Theo's up Rt 97: 6 miles
Skipping the 97 Hill by taking the Danvers Trail to Maple Street adds 2.4 miles

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