Monday, August 01, 2016

Mad Martha's, Plum Island

Early morning over the Parker River
We had a beautiful day on Saturday for a ride up Route 1A to Plum Island! Donna started out from the Beverly Airport earlier in the morning, meeting Ed, Tam, Joan and Paul in Ipswich at 8 a.m. -- it was a perfect day! Temps were on the warm side but a steady breeze kept us cool, especially in the morning. The busy road heading out of Ipswich became a quiet peaceful ride through the sleepy downtown of Rowley, passing several farms and marshes through Newbury. As we approached the last half mile before the turn towards Plum Island, a PMC rider passed us while recognizing Joan's Cyclopath jersey, and waved -- it was Brian Carver!! Such a surprise. (Donna and Ed stopped to chat with him.)

Mad Martha's was crowded when we arrived -- it's a popular place! We put our name in for a table, and was told it could be a 25 minute wait, but fortunately coffee was available while we waited, and the wait only turned out to be ten minutes. Not too bad! We all had a great breakfast -- the food was delicious, the service was terrific, and the atmosphere bright and fun. Let's go back!

Breakfast at Mad Martha's
Group pic!
Heading home, we had a bit of a tail wind so the miles flew. It was a hot day, but comfortable for riding and everyone had a great time. Mileage from Ipswich was just under 25 miles (for Donna, 45 as she heads into PMC weekend.) Plum Island from Ipswich was a success! We'll have to do it again.

On the Plum Island Turnpike