Friday, August 19, 2016

Henderson's and Bradley Palmer on Saturday

With several people away this weekend or unable to ride, we'll have one start from Beverly Airport at 7:30. (Continued road construction and poor surface conditions in Salem and Beverly this summer have made our remote departure locations preferable to Salem.)

Current plans are to take a newly repaved Cherry Street to 1A and Henderson's for breakfast (4 miles from the Airport, 8 RT for anyone looking for a nice, short out and back). We should arrive at Henderson's before 8 a.m. if anyone wishes to join us!

After breakfast, a six mile loop through Bradley Palmer is an option, bringing the morning ride to under 15 miles. Short and sweet. If you haven't been riding much this year, this is a good ride!

Gail and Tam will be at the Beverly start at 7:30 -- We hope a few of you can join us!

Henderson's 8 mile roundtrip with a Bradley Palmer option

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Cyclopath-Donna said...

Sorry I will miss riding tomorrow. It should be a nice morning.Enjoy! Safe travels.