Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet

The gang at the Beverly Airport, with a shout out to Mike Bencal
Checking on the weather forecast at 6 a.m., there was a 40% chance of rain on Saturday, but as someone else has wisely noted, "40% is the new 100%". Alas, it was raining.

Donna and Tam met at the bus stop at 7, where a light mist turned into a steady drizzle. Undeterred, they ventured on to meet Gail, Ed, and Sheldon at the Beverly Airport. (Yaaaay!! Ed is back!!) Plans to Boxford were ditched in favor of the warm and dry Depot Diner, with hopes that the wet weather would clear out during breakfast. Our breakfast destination now closer to home, Sheldon was able to join us! (Double yaaaay!)

Sheldon gets adventurous with baked peach oatmeal
Donna and Gail at The Depot Diner.
The sun over Sheldon's shoulder was the only sun we'd see
The drizzle continued after breakfast, sometimes heavy, sometimes misting... so we opted to shorten our ride to a simple loop into Wenham and back, (Cherry Street back to Beverly Airport). It was a fun morning but a terrible ride that we could laugh about. If I remember correctly, Gail called it the "Hypothermia for Breakfast" ride. (Or something along those lines. So funny.) Nice that we all could keep our sense of humor and laugh. 

Hoping for better weather next week! (Welcome back, Ed!)

Nice to have Ed back!!
Wet, cold... are we having fun yet?
"Hypothermia for breakfast" Hahahaha

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