Friday, July 15, 2016

Let's try this again

We're headed for Boxford on Saturday, (with a Bradley Palmer option), since last weekend's destination was diverted by rain. Mileage was posted last week, so just scroll down a few posts if you need a recap. It's going to be a hot one on Saturday -- although not as hot as today.

I debated between the shady, low-key, flat trail to Boxford or a ride towards Manchester and Magnolia along the coast. The reality is, it's going to be hot either way, and when it's hot, people tend to head to the beaches... which means more cars and carbon emissions along the coast. So Boxford it is, and we'll save the coastal route for another hot day. Summer is here... and there will be more hot days to come.

There are a few route options to choose from -- shortest being a 15.5 mile roundtrip starting at Beverly Airport to breakfast and back; the longest being 34 miles starting in Salem and including Bradley Palmer -- so meet us at our corner in Salem at 7 a.m. or at Beverly Airport at 7:30! Temps will be in the 70s when we start, not reaching 80 degrees until after 10 a.m., so lets get in a ride before the heat kicks in!

Don't forget those water bottles!

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kante said...

Look forward to meet you at Bev Airport at 7:30. Cyclopathically yours, Sheldon