Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hot Hot Summer Riding -- Boxford

It was a hot one today but we did fairly well -- beating the heat that arrived midday. Tam and Paul G., (riding his last ride for a while, as he's embarking on knee replacement surgery on Friday), left Salem at 7 a.m. to meet the rest of the gang at the Beverly Airport by 7:30. Ohmigosh, is all of Beverly under road construction?! We took a few detours to avoid the construction zones on Rantoul and 1A, but fortunately weren't too late in meeting EdGail, and Sheldon, waiting at the airport.

Group Selfie! (Minus Paul and Joan, who arrived later.)
After our Good Morning hellos, and a quick selfie or two, we geared up to set out on the road. Just as we were heading out, Paul and Joan arrived to join us! Good timing! Sheldon wished us a safe journey and cheerful farewell, and off we went. (Thank you, Sheldon!)

Sheldon sends us off!
The temperature as we left Beverly hadn't yet hit the 80s but was steadily climbing. Fortunately, we had a pretty decent breeze, (and shade in the morning), that kept the ride comfortable. We took the trail through Wenham and Topsfield and arrived in Boxford in good time!

Soon after our arrival, we had a surprise visit from Lynda! It's been ages since we last saw Lynda, as she's now riding a different kind of bike these days, (the motorcycle kind), so it was quite a surprise and fun to see her.

Ed, Joan and Lynda at breakfast
Joan and Gail chat after breakfast
A group pic in the shade!
Great to see Lynda! (Note I've got a Teamster, Harley
Davidson, and an American Flag in this photo... classic.)
Heading home, we picked up the trail again in Topsfield, taking it back to Route 97 and the base of the hill. (You know... THE HILL.)  We opted not to climbed it... hahahaha... and instead ventured further down the trail to find an alternate route. (Hooray for Google Maps!). We took a 2+ mile detour to avoid that awful hill, but I think the consensus declared it was worth it.

Stay cool, Everyone!

Shady relief is found on the trail
Wishing Paul a quick recovery from knee surgery next week!

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