Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fire at Frisbee's (And taking a break in the shade)

Portsmouth Herald, on the door at Frisbee's
We were stunned to discover Frisbee's Market was closed when we arrived at Kittery Point. Kathy had been by just a week before and the market was open, so we were perplexed as to what happened. Looking around, we noticed damage along the side of the building and a strong, smoky odor, indicating a fire had occurred -- and a local resident confirmed there was a fire just a few days before. Wow.

(We remarked on the newly paved and painted parking lot... which we now learn had something to do with the fire.)

 You can read about it here online in the Portland Press Herald.

Brenda arrives at Frisbee's on the recumbent. Notice the fresh paving!
Hot, hot, hot!
Taking break in the shade at Frisbee's, Donna photo bombs Chip

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