Saturday, July 16, 2016

Doing the Math

Curious about our 97 Hill Bypass?? We rode 3.2 miles to avoid the hill, which ironically shared an equal distance of road and trail. It was exactly 1.6 miles of trail, (from the point where we got on the trail at Route 97, to the end at Wenham Street near the Agway) -- and 1.6 miles of road, which brought us back to Route 97.

(FYI: The left we took at the end of the trail to get back onto the road was Wenham St. in Danvers, becoming Maple Street in Wenham.)

How much longer was it to skip the hill? 2.4 miles. The distance from the bottom of the hill we avoided, straight down Rt. 97 to the intersection at Maple Street, is .8 miles. Therefore, 3.2 miles minus .8 miles equals a 2.4 mile difference. It was a fun discovery!

Part of our route captured via GPS this morning
showing the 97 Hill Bypass, trail & road

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