Monday, June 20, 2016

Trail Adventures to Boxford

Mike, Paul, Gail, Donna, and Joan at the Boxford General Store
(Brenda and Tam also rode)
Regrouping to ride the Wenham-Topsfield trail

Seven Cyclopaths -- GailJoanDonnaBrendaPaul G.Mike S., and Tam -- headed out of Salem on Saturday (June 18th) -- the most we've had this year thus far.

Bypassing Beverly's Big Dig, we rode past the Cummings Center to McKay Street and picked up Route 97 near the dry cleaners & Henry's Market. (It was an easy detour from the road work on Rt 1A.) We continued down Rt 97 to the Danvers-Wenham rail trail, and rode it straight through to Topsfield center. It was a pleasant ride away from the speeding cars. In Topsfield, rather than hopping back onto our familiar route towards Boxford, we ventured further down the Boxford trail. A few people loved it, (Mike & Tam) -- the majority did not, (everyone else). Hahaha... win some/lose some. After the 1.6 mile stretch into Boxford, we rode down Bare Hill Road -- a very popular road for cyclists -- making our way to breakfast.

The Boxford Community Store was lively, as it usually is, and we were greeted with a friendly smile and cheerful "good morning!" Such a great destination -- it's always worth the trip. After breakfast, we headed back to Salem, (minus Brenda, who left earlier), via the rail trail. At the 97 hill, Joan, Gail and Mike continued on the Danvers portion of the trail towards Rt 35 or 62, while Donna, Paul, and Tam opted to climb the hill and head back to Salem the way they came.

It was a gorgeous day for a ride!

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