Monday, June 27, 2016


Part of the gang in Beverly Farms
(minus Paul, Joan and Tam)
We had a terrific ride and breakfast in Gloucester on Saturday, with our dual start option working out well!!! Anne, Donna and Tam departed Salem at 7 a.m. to meet anyone opting for our Beverly Farms start just beyond Pride's Crossing. There they found Gail, Paul G., and Av; with Barbara and Laurie (driving up to Gloucester to join us for breakfast!); and Sheldon (making the drive to Beverly Farms just to us to wish us a bon voyage!) -- What a great gathering! The Price's arrived just as were heading out, with Joan joining us in Beverly Farms while Paul drove further ahead to Manchester. Eleven Cyclopaths on Saturday morning with eight riders! It was a glorious day for a ride.

On the road! Donna. Paul G. and Av lead the way.
Laurie and Barbara drove ahead to Gloucester and patiently waited for our arrival at Sugar Magnolia's, (reserving a perfect table for us. Thank you!!!)

Barbara and Laurie at Sugar Magnolia's
It took us a little over an hour to arrive at our breakfast destination, after first regrouping at the Fisherman's statue in Gloucester. Sugar Magnolia's is a great destination with stellar menu options, but it does get quite loud, making it difficult to hear at times. The food is excellent, however, and our waitress was fabulous, which definitely made up for the noise. We had a fantastic breakfast!

Paul and Donna in Manchester
Heading home, the gang stretched out for a bit on the road between Gloucester and Manchester, regrouping in Manchester Center for the return trip to Beverly Farms and/or Salem together. (We missed the Price's on the return trip back, but knowing they were stopping at the small parking area where Paul left his car, knew they weren't returning through Manchester Center. Hope their return ride went well.)

After saying goodbye to Paul, Gail and Anne in Beverly Farms, Donna and Tam were the remaining Cyclopaths returning to the Roger Conant statue together, arriving just in time for the start of the Salem Pride Parade -- so festive and colorful! What a joyful way to end a ride! With a parade!

Rainbow colors everywhere! Salem Pride parade
We've had such gorgeous weather this year and the riding has been amazing. It's been a spectacular start to our Cyclopath summer!

Next week: It's the Independence Day Holiday Weekend, and many folks may be away, but a ride to Ipswich has been discussed. More info and mileage estimates will be posted in the next day or two! Happy summer!

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