Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gloucester with Options

It's been a while since the gang has traveled up to Gloucester as a group, (we often split at Manchester), and a few people have mentioned that they miss it. We'd like to ride to Gloucester next weekend and have decided on two different departure options.

Depart from Salem: 7 a.m. SHARP. It should take riders 30-40 minutes to get to Beverly Farms.

Depart from Beverly Farms: 7:45 a.m. (approx.) Parking may be available at St. Margaret's Church, (the large brown church on Hale Street, at the top of the hill, just after Captain Dusty's on the left. See map below, click to enlarge.) Both groups will meet here and ride together to Gloucester.

Parking at St. Margaret's Church in Beverly Farms
(The big brown church on the left, just after Captain Dusty's)

Breakfast at Morning Glory or Sugar Magnolias.

Estimated mileage (from Map My Ride):
From Salem to Gloucester: 17 miles (34 miles RT)
From Beverly Farms to Gloucester: 10.5 miles (21 miles RT)

Options to add miles: 
Magnolia: Loop along the outer roads of Magnolia and take the rolling hills down Hesperus Ave to add 3/4 of a mile to the route. (Straight route to Gloucester staying on Rt 127 is 2.25 miles from Raymond St. (the turn off towards Magnolia) to Hesperus Ave. Looping through Magnolia and continuing down Hesperus Ave passing Hammond Castle is 3 miles.)

Bass Rocks Loop: From the Morning Glory cafe, the Bass Rocks/Rocky Neck loop is 7.45 miles.

I hope the estimated mileage helps you plan which departure point and/or added mileage you'd like to ride on Saturday.

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