Saturday, June 04, 2016

Catching up with the Cyclopaths

Thinking of our own Queen B!
Gail & Joan at The Ugly Mug, May 21
Joan and Gail met up for a Cyclopath ride on Saturday, May 21st -- choosing to have breakfast at The Ugly Mug before heading out for a ride. (An excellent choice!) Tam joined them soon after breakfast, after Gail texted to say they planned to ride locally around Salem after breakfast. (Thanks, Gail!) The three of them enjoyed a lovely ride out to Winter Island and Salem Willows, stopping to explore the restoration work that began last summer on Winter Island. Such a great day for a ride!

Anne and Joan at the Salem start, May 28th
We had two (solo) Cyclopath riders meeting up on Memorial Day Weekend, as Anne swung by our meet-up spot in Salem before heading off to Gloucester to log in some miles. (She and husband Dana left for Europe this week, where cycling will be part of their vacation). Anne met up with Joan at the bus stop last Saturday, who chose to ride locally around Salem.

Donna's pic from Manchester, June 4th
Donna was the solo rider this week, heading out early on Saturday, June 4th. (She sent this photo from Manchester.) It was a cool and cloudy start to the day, as the sun didn't burn through the clouds until 10 am. Did anyone else ride later at 7:30? 

Perhaps there will be more riders next week?

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