Thursday, June 16, 2016

A small gathering of the tribe

Joan, Donna, Gail and Jeff en route to Manchester
We had a nice group of riders and non-riders heading out to breakfast in Manchester last Saturday -- ten Cyclopaths in all -- which was the largest gathering we've had in several months. Riding out of Salem & Beverly were Joan, Donna, Jeff, Gail and Tam; meeting Sheldon, Paul Price, Paul Guertin, Laurie and Av at the Beach Street Cafe. It was a great turnout!

Many smiles and catching up -- it was good to see so many! Since many in the group are no longer riding but still wish to join us for breakfast, we can try and determine ahead of time where we might be going and post it. We can't predict who is riding on any given Saturday, but with a little communication amongst us, we can get a good sense of who is riding and where we might like to go. Hooray for text messaging!

Next up: We are leaving Salem at the respectable hour of 7:00 a.m. (Hello, Paul Guertin and Mike Sullivan.) It's possible, though not set in stone, that we will be riding to Boxford this Saturday. (We'll try an alternative route to avoid the road construction on 1A, picking up 97 near Henry's.) This was a plan Donna and I chatted about last weekend -- we'll decide as a group on Saturday.

If you are not riding and wish to join us for breakfast, feel free to text or call Tam, Gail, Donna or Joan Saturday morning to ask where we are going. One of us should know the plan.

In Beverly Farms
Nice to be together!

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