Sunday, November 15, 2015

NS Cyclopaths Blog on Semi-Hiatus

Hey gang... obviously the blog has been on a bit of a hiatus this season. The number of riders heading out for the Saturday morning breakfast ride was pretty small this year, and somewhat inconsitant. For the most part Joan, Gail, and Paul G., Donna, Kathy and I kept at it, but I was also absent for a while as I had rides lined up this summer and fall that kept me from joining the gang. (I also had to adjust my Saturday mornings when Mike's marathon training conflicted with the boy's football schedules.)

Sorry for the limited ride reports and photos this year... but it was a great summer for riding and I hope you all had fun.

I ran into Queen Kathy a few weeks ago at the orchard... (Chip and I stopped there during a ride -- he's been my shadow these days)... and we talked about getting together for breakfast after the Thanksgiving rush. Hope we can organize something soon. Enjoy the sunshine -- Tam

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Anonymous said...

look forward to a group breakfast cheers drew