Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Boxford Trail Adventure

We had just four riders on Saturday for a breakfast ride to Boxford, (Donna, Joan, Paul and Tam), followed by an adventurous offroad trail ride from Topsfield to Danvers. Grooved pavement on Route 97 gave Paul and Joan a rough ride through Wenham and Topsfield, while Donna opted to take the trail. (Paving on Rt 97 begins this week). Tam, running 30 minutes behind, also chose to ditch Rt 97 and hopped on the trail as well, later running into Donna as they both arrived in Topsfield. But where were Joan and Paul? No worries... they turned up soon enough while Tam went off to look for them. (Hahaha...)

Regrouping, the gang headed to breakfast at the Boxford Community Store, which was quite hopping on a sunny Saturday morning. After breakfast, the four did a funky little loop through Boxford before accidently finding themselves back on Main Street where they'd started from. So funny! They then continued on towards Topsfield, where they hopped on the rail trail to bypass the grooved road, and followed the trail for miles and miles -- not quite sure where it would end up. Arriving in Danvers Square, the gang abandoned the trail to take taking Routes 35 and 114 home.

A fun and interesting ride.

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