Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We've been to Manchester and Hamilton. Where were you?

Cyclopaths continue to hibernate on Saturday mornings while Joan and Tam have consistently showed up to ride week after week. Sigh.

The first weekend in May, under dark but clearing skies, the duo headed to Manchester for breakfast at The Coffee Cup, (for a change of pace.) Neither were thrilled with the mediocre breakfast and slooooow service, (considering they were the only customers), so it's unlikely to become a recurring breakfast destination -- but it was good to try something different! Fortunately, because breakfast took so long, the sun had time to burn off the fog for a lovely sunny return trip to Salem and Marblehead.

Last weekend, May 9th, Tam and Joan were joined by Arlene (!), who sadly is moving to Austin later this summer. (C'mon Cyclopaths, get back on your bikes and join her for some rides before she heads off to Texas!) Skies were again cloudy and cool at the start, clearing before the end of the ride. The gang rode out to Henderson's Cafe, which is back under it's original ownership and serving a nice, warm, and very cheerful breakfast. The owner was especially welcoming and friendly -- and we will surely be back!!

So we're now into MID-MAY, gang. Time to get moving. 8:00 a.m. next Saturday.

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