Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Ride... Still just a handful of riders.

It was cold and windy this morning as three Cyclopaths headed out of Salem to meet Ducky on the bridge. Who were they? Well, the usual suspects, of course -- Joan, Tam, and Gail. With strong winds and chilly temps, the fourseome headed to The Depot Diner, mistakenly believing that the 7:30 start would mean a less crowded diner.

Ummmm.... wrong!!! It was a 24 minute wait, according to the fancy new reservation system the Depot Diner has employed. Simply leave your name and cell number and they input you into a resevation system that tracks your place in line and wait time. (When your table is ready, you receive a text and automated phone call. Fancy!)

The wait is worth it, of course, as the Depot Diner serves one of the best breakfasts around. Today's hot coffee was especially appreciated.

Not long after we were seated, Queen Kathy arrived!! Yaaay! It was good to catch up with her and hear about her upcoming Buzz Off for Cancer. (See above.)

It was a short ride today, given the wind and temperature. When will summer get here?

Next week: Gail and Joan are away... so unless people show up, Tam's going to be awfully lonely.

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