Sunday, April 19, 2015

First stop: Omelete Headquarters

We had a gorgeous day for a ride on Saturday, with Joan, Arlene, Av and Tam wondering where everyone was!! It's time to ride!! We headed out of Salem at 8 am and made our way to our breakfast destination: The Omelette Headquarters! (Yes... not too far... with additional biking after breakfast.) We had a lovely breakfast and were seated right away, which can be a problem at some places when we get a later start.

After breakfast, Arlene headed north on 1A while Av hitched a ride home. Joan and Tam headed back over the bridged and looped around Salem Willows and Marblehead for a lovely ride. Perfect!

Sooo... where was everyone else? It's Spring!! Time to get out and RIDE!!!


Av said...

Av did NOT hitch a ride home. He made it under his own power, such as it is.

Tam said...

So Av, what you're saying is you DITCHED us.