Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Cyclopath Breakfast

Hey hey there, Cyclopaths... the blog is back after a long winter hiatus. Hopefully you've all been keeping fit with all of the shoveling we've had this winter. It won't be long before we're back on the bike -- assuming milder weather will eventually get here. (Which definitley wasn't today. Can you believe it's snowing... again?)

We had ten for breakfast at the Brothers Taverna in Salem this morning, (AKA "Not Red's"). Seated at the long table with a view of a snowy Derby Street were Laurie, Av, Barbara, Sheldon, Fran, Donna, Ed, Ducky, Gail and Tam. Yaaaaay! It was good to see folks and catch up on news from the winter.

The traditional Passover/Easter ride, (which would have been next week), is not happening this year... but we wish all who celebrate a lovely weekend.

Meanwhile, take advantage of the next few weeks to get your bikes tuned up and ready to go. Hopefully soon the weather will cooperate and we'll be back out on the roads for another great summer of biking and breakfasts!!

1 comment:

Av said...

I plan to ride as soon as I can get to my snow bound shed, which may not be until June!