Saturday, November 08, 2014

Winter Island, Remembering Bill

It was a chilly but sunny morning for seven Cyclopaths heading out to loop Winter Island in memory of Bill today. With the temperatures hovering around 36-37 degrees, Ed, Joan, Paul, Brenda, Donna, Ethan and Tam had a fun ride with lots of smiles and fond memories as we rode together to Sam's pavillion/bench at Waikiki Beach. Yes, it was cold... but once we started riding, no one seemed to notice. (Except for maybe Ed, who didn't have full-fingered gloves.)

After a nice break at the beach, we returned to downtown Salem and Red's, where Drew, Gail, and Sheldon joined us for breakfast. It was terrific to see a small group of Cyclopaths gathering together to remember Bill. No doubt he would laugh at us and call us crazy for riding in the cold today. 

Hope to see many more Cyclopaths at a future breakfast! Stay warm.

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