Saturday, August 16, 2014

Is it Really Summer?

We had a nice ride today to Bradley Palmer State Park, with a stop for breakfast at the newly redecorated Depot Diner. It was a gorgeous, almost fall-like day, (jackets, today!) with seven Cyclopaths heading out of Salem at 7 a.m. -- Donna, Gail, Joan, Ducky, Tim, Paul and Tam. (So great to see Tim again -- he's here for another week!)

After a terrific breakfast at the Depot, Ducky and Tim headed off for home, while the remainder of the group headed through Wenham to BPSP, taking note of the speed bumps and careful to avoid the poison ivy. It was a beautiful day as summer begins to wane.

Next week, same time. The 7:00 start has been great.

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