Monday, July 21, 2014

The 22nd Annual Kinda-TriState Cohen Classic

It's that time of year again... The 22nd Annual Tri-State Cohen Classic is this Saturday! Once again we are avoiding the insanity of Hampton Beach and are starting at the North Hampton Elementary School, 210 Atlantic Ave, North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Meet between 5:45-6:00 am. Ride will start shortly after 6:00 a.m.
Directions: Take Rt 95 North, (there may be a toll).
Exit 1 toward Seabrook
Merge onto NH 107 South
Turn LEFT at Route 1N/Lafayette Rd.
@ 6.5 miles, Turn RIGHT onto NH 111 East/Atlantic Ave.
The North Hampton Elementary School (brick building, blue sign) will be on your left. The road is marked SCHOOL. Park in back.

Approximate Mileage of the ride : *the new bridge is complete
N. Hampton Elementary to Cafe Espresso, Portsmouth - 18.5 miles (37 RT)
Cafe Espresso to Captain Simeon's Galley - 4.6
N. Hampton Elementary to Captain Simeon's Galley - 22.7 miles (45.5 RT)
Captain Simeon's Galley to Nubble Light, York ME - approx 10 miles
N. Hampton Elementary to Nubble Light - approx 35 (70 miles RT)
-- Donna


Cyclopath Donna said...

We ( Queen Kathy, her neice Kim, Brenda and I --Donna) had a very nice 45 mile coastal ride up to Frisbee's in Maine The weather was cool & comfortable. Breakfast @ Cafe Esspresso. Riding over the new Portsmouth Bridge was a breeze. No wait and there is a bike lane. We stopped @ Strawberry Bank and enjoyed a talented young man tap dancing. We also enjoyed a yard sale on the return trip. Kathy & Kim made it back in time to attend a wedding.

Tamarise Cronin said...


Sorry to miss it this year. We were in VT. I managed to get the bike up there with Rigby in the back. Ay yi yi. Got in a ride Saturday but heavy thunderstorms on Sunday, which was too bad. I have the Harpoon ride in 2 weeks.

How are you feeling for PMC? I'm not sure how many Cyclopaths are riding. So far I count Brian C., Brenda, Jeff (Sunday), Ethan (Sunday), and you (Sunday). Am I forgetting anyone? Met someone last week who is riding PMC first time. Has never ridden more than 20 miles on a road bike. Does all of her riding on a spin bike, and has only raised $400 of the $3600 fundraising. (Nuts).

CyclopathDonna said...

Queen has photos. Jack Bevalaqua (sp?) formerly known as Cannondale Jack will be riding on Saturday. Hope to see you @ Brenda's.