Wednesday, July 30, 2014

REMINDER: Pot Luck CYCLOFEAST at Brenda and Matt's, Wednesday, JULY 30th


Let's have a get together at our home at 624 Revere Beach Blvd. (Revere) on WEDNESDAY, July 30th, 5 pm.

I have the entire day off, come early if you like, help set up, or simply enjoy yourselves here at the beach.

I will roast a big turkey the day before and serve it cold. Please plan to bring something to put on one of my many folding tables. I have plenty of chairs, but if you can it wouldn't hurt for a few of you to bring lawn chairs. I also have lots and lots of serving ware, etc - so no worries there and we have a giant (boat) cooler which we can fill with ice, and you folks can put beverages in it.

Donna is providing heavy duty paper plates and eating utensils, so please fill in the blanks and come as you are. I hope lots and lots of you can make it. -- Brenda

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