Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Notes

Happy Birthday!! to several Cyclopaths celebrating in May -- including Sheldon, Lisa, Donna (today!!), Queen Kathy, Meg, and Bill Indresano!! Anyone else having a birthday this month?

Congrats to Dr. Sheldon Brown on his retirement from North Shore Community College! It's been quite a long career and I'm sure he will be missed at the college. Congratulations, Sheldon!!!

Kudos to Ethan on completing the JCC Triathlon last Sunday. Ethan trained all winter for the event and did terrific!

Four Cyclopaths rode last weekend, (Paul G., Donna, Paul P. and Joan), and sent the photo below. Can you guess where they ate breakfast? (My guess is Depot Diner.)

Hope you all had a great ride and everyone enjoyed the weekend!

1 comment:

CyclopathDonna said...

Ding ding ding, Depot Diner is correct. We rode directly home in the rain. Ducky drove over to say hello too.