Saturday, May 03, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sheldon!!

Sheldon, Av, Sam and Bill. The original Cyclopaths
We had our first Cyclopath breakfast ride of the season today, kicking off the FORTIETH YEAR of the North Shore Cyclopaths. Hard to believe it all started with SheldonAv, Sam, and Bill, (above), back in 1974, before cycling was even popular! (Wow. Look at those helmets!) Amazing. It was great to have Sheldon join us for breakfast today -- though he chose not to ride -- Happy Birthday to you, Sheldon!

Our first breakfast ride took us up to Manchester and the Beach Street Cafe. It was nice to see folks after the long winter we've had!! Lots of laughs along the way... which of course, with Paul Guertin along, it's hard not to laugh. Today's gang included Joan and Paul P., Gail, Donna, Drew, Anne, Arlene, Brenda, Paul G., Ducky, Tam, Bruce, (after a 4C's ride), and Ethan (who did not stay for breakfast). It was nice to see everyone back on the road! Looking forward to a fun summer of riding.

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Sheldon said...

Dear Cyclopaths, I deeply appreciate your celebrating my birthday with me. The hand-made D.C. card is beautiful, and I have added it to my collection. The breakfast treat hit the spot. I love you, Sheldon