Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Frostbite Rides Continue

Hey gang, it's definitely that time of year again... Is anyone interested in winter riding? We have a few options! Our traditional Saturday Morning "breakfast" ride will continue with winter riding rules. Last year a handful of us got together for rides when the weather allowed. Brutal cold (ie, below 30 degrees) or strong wind chills cancelled the ride. Excessive snow and ice cancelled as well. We'll skip our traditional breakfast and head out for quick a coffee break instead. (Allowing enough time to warm up without cooling down.)

If you're interested in riding, email Tam at tamcronin@gmail.com or call/text her cell the night before, or early in the morning to make a plan! Rides will be short (Wenham, Manchester) and under 30 miles, departing Salem at 8 a.m. Anyone interested?

Another option: The North Shore Cyclists are running a winter ride that heads out later in the morning, (10 a.m.), on either Saturday or Sunday -- whichever day looks to have the best weather. Send Tam an email if you're interested in details.

Bundle up, Cyclopaths!

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Tamarise Cronin said...

C'mon gang!! I need company!! Come join me on rides this winter!!