Friday, November 01, 2013

First Weekend of November

Hope all of the Cyclopaths enjoyed celebrating the Red Sox win and the Halloween festivities this week -- and are ready to start November with one more Fall foliage ride before the trees are bare! (Today's high winds will likely clear many of the maples of their leaves.)

It will be dark at the 7 am start, so wear bright clothes and/or lights. (Daylight Savings ends this Sunday, with the clocks falling back an hour, giving us our morning light back next weekend!)

The temps are looking good for a ride tomorrow... hope to see a few riders at the start!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Have a fun & safe ride. I plan to Spin indoors. Should be a great day for a World Series Championship Parade!

Tamarise Cronin said...

Paul and Joan were the only riders last week! Good for them for getting out for a ride -- it turned into a beautiful day!

Shortly after I wrote this post, the large tree outside my front window came CRASHING DOWN. It fell in the opposite direction of my house, landing in my neighbors yard but NOT damaging his house. Amazing.

We lost our power for the day -- and I didn't wake in time for the ride. The events on Friday, dealing with the removal of the tree and loss of power, contacting electricians and utilities, etc.. had drained me of any energy I had.

We did not have internet for nearly a WEEK! Verizon was awful. It took 6 days to get our telecom services restored... and I didn't get to make any updates to the blog.

It looks like a chilly day tomorrow.