Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Rain-Out

Susan reads the Jewish Journal on
her recent vacation to Israel
We had good intentions to ride today, but rain forced us to scramble. P. Giddy arrived just in time to join the ladies -- Drew, Arlene, Anne, Donna, Susan, Gail and Tam -- as they headed out of Salem under gray skies. (Drew was very disappointed in the weather forecasters who'd indicated the rain wouldn't arrive until 1:00.) Hoping it was just a passing shower, we decided to venture on to Manchester and then Gloucester if the weather held. It didn't.

Not more than five minutes into the ride, we heard the first rumble of thunder. Then a second and a third. We pulled over under the bridge on the bypass and decided to loop back towards Red's, and after reconvening there, realized it was more than just a passing shower and scrapped our plans for a group ride. A few gathered at AJ King's for coffee and a bite to eat (and ran into Lucy!) while others headed out with alternate ride/workout plans.  So... no group pic from our misadventure... but isn't this a fun one of Susan reading while floating on the Dead Sea. Love it.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Red's Restaurant. The Dead Sea.
Happy belated Bday to Anne who had a birthday yesterday. And Happy Birthday to P.Giddy Paul Guertin who began singing "Happy Birthday to Me" at breakfast.

Tamarise Cronin said...

Of course. Brain dead. I think my head is still waterlogged. Gonna fix that one now. And I'll add HBD wishes too. THANK YOU DONNA for keeping me on my toes.