Sunday, August 11, 2013

Harpoon P2P Ride Report

Cyclopaths at the Harpoon P2P
Two Cyclopaths headed up to Vermont for the Harpoon Point to Point on Saturday, benefiting the Vermont Foodbank. It was a gorgeous day for a ride and a perfect day to be in Vermont! Tam drove up for the day and met Anne and her husband Dana (staying in nearby Barnard) at the Harpoon Brewery, where they were joined by Tam's cousin Rich, who had ridden the P2P with her in the past. (Ironically, to add to the craziness of Tam's family, it was her cousin Pete who had planned to ride... not Richard. Ha ha...)

The ride was terrific, though some of the roads in Vermont could use some attention. The quieter back roads were a challenge... and mostly uphill for the better half of the ride. (Including a three mile climb from Brownsville to Hartland! Tough!) We rode at our own pace but stopped to regroup a few times to finish together at the end. Just a regular Saturday morning Cyclopath ride... though the "breakfast" was a post-ride barbecue with live music and Harpoon beer. A really great afternoon benefitting a terrific organization!


Tamarise Cronin said...

Many thanks to Anne for making it all work. I had a stressful week when my plans to host guests at the family cottage fell apart. Everyone feels bad... or at least the cousins do... and if I ever decide to plan a group getaway to the cottage in the future, I sure hope it will be respected. I've been pretty emotional over how everything played out.

It was really sweet of Anne and Dana to just roll with it. I can't thank them enough. We really, really had a fun time at the P2P, and maybe we can get more Cyclopaths to ride one day. I also enjoyed riding with my cousin Rich, who I love dearly. I keep inviting him (and my cousin Pete, who lives closer in Mhead) to Cyclopath rides. One day one of them will surprise us and show up.

Sounds like everyone had a great weekend for riding. We were blessed with such fabulous weather.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats and CHEERS!