Sunday, August 11, 2013

Arlene's Birthday Ride

Ride report from Donna: It was a beautiful day. Arlene's birthday. Seven Cyclopaths showed up to ride. We pedaled to The Depot Diner for breakfast. Regrouping at the Dry Cleaners an unsuspecting passer by with a cigarette and coffee took a pic. At the restaurant Happy Birthday was sung-in a very subdued manner. Quote of the morning, Arlene asked Paul P. & Paul Guertin, " Do you wake up stiff in the morning?" P. Giddy immediately responded," That's way too personal to answer." Laughter ensued. Back on our bikes we rode up to Bradley Palmer State Park. It was damp and shady and there were many speed bumps to navigate. Unfortunately Ducky took a spill on one of the speed bumps and landed to the side of the road. Her shoulder took the brunt of the fall. (Ducky we hope you are Ok! If you need to, go for x-rays. At that point we turned back headed onto Mill Road to 1A and Dodge Road and a cut thru to Rt 22 and onto Lothrop.

A reminder-Be careful out there! When riding in a group point out and yell when there are obstacles in the road. Inform cyclists behind you at intersections if it is clear or if there is a car coming. Call out and/or use hand signals when slowing and stopping. Keep each other safe. -- Donna


Arlene said...

In my defense, I asked everyone
if they felt stiff when they woke up
in the morning, not just the Pauls.

Cyclopath-Donna said...


Cyclopath-Donna said...

And how was the Harpoon Ride???

222kante said...

I pray that all is well with you, Ducky. Sheldon