Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New Breakfast Destination

We had a perfect day for a ride! Heading out of Salem on a gorgeous summer morning, the gang decided to head out to Georgetown for a change of pace, while checking out Jimmy K's for breakfast (on Route 97). Sheldon and Tam opted for a shorter route and enjoyed breakfast (and a new waitress) at the Beverly Airport, while Anne, Arlene, Susan, Margie and Donna ventured on towards Boxford. Donna reports they had an adventurous ride.

"We followed the lost route. There was a great sign (that I have a pic of) that read, "Cometh to Our Yardeth Saleth". The plan was to regroup when we got near Wayne's. We arrived but Anne & Arlene were nowhere in sight. We took a left to head north. I thought it was Rt 97 but it is Georgetown Road, which eventually leads into Rt 97. It was quiet, beautiful, and very little traffic. We saw 4 wild turkeys along the way. Arlene called and we planned to meet them in Georgetown. As we approached the restaurant, Arlene called again and said they took 97 south. Oops. They eventually met us at Jimmy K's in Georgetown. The waitress was very pleasant. The food was good. No real syrup though. And there were people waiting when we left. Always a good sign. We came back Rt 97 to Georgetown Rd then took the bike trail in Topsfield. It was a fun and adventurous ride. We made it back by 11:30."
Sounds like a great ride on a perfect morning!

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