Saturday, July 20, 2013

The 21st Annual Cohen Classic

We had a fantastic ride!


Anonymous said...

Had a very nice NH Seacoast ride. Tam and Will travelled north to ride and Queen and her niece Kim came to ride. The 5 of us headed out at about 6:15 am. Temp already close to 80 degrees. About 1 mile into our ride we saw a sea of pink riding as a peloton with a sag wagon trailing the group. Yes, The NH Seacoast Young Team was out training for the PMC. We all yelled to each other-- us yelling more than them! Made our way to the coast. Mother Nature provided cooler air. We rang bells at other riders and many runners. And in NH received many greetings, waves, and even a few giggles and thank yous. On the return route there was a group of PMC riders that responded to us with a variety of bike bells and yells. Enjoyed breakfast at Cafe Esspresso. I even saw Cheryl from Swampscott walking in New Castle. She is on vacation for the week. We all made it safely back. Safely navigating beachgoers with chairs, coolers, and srfboards. Then went to Dunkin Donuts for a post ride iced coffee. A great 21 st Cohen Classic. Thanks to Barry Carver, Jon Peck, and Dwayne Marshall for starting this tradition. Next year we should be able to cross the bridge!
Cyclopath Donna

222kante said...

Congratulations, Cyclopaths, on a safe and scenic ride. It is good to know that the 21st Cohen Classic continues to bring pleasure and fellowship. I shall tell Duane that his tradition bikes on. I'm proud of your achievement, Sheldon

Anonymous said...

Big Congrats, The Cohen Classic is such a run ride - cheers drew.