Monday, July 15, 2013

The 21st Annual Cohen Classic

It's that time of year again... The 21st Annual Tri-State Cohen Classic is next weekend! Once again we are avoiding the insanity of Hampton Beach and are starting at the North Hampton Elementary School.

We may have a setback this year on heading to Maine... word is, the Portsmouth Bridge may be closed again.

Approximate Mileage:
N. Hampton Elementary to Cafe Espresso, Portsmouth - 18.5 miles (37 RT)
Cafe Espresso to Captain Simeon's Galley - 4.6
N. Hampton Elementary to Captain Simeon's Galley - 22.7 miles (45.5 RT)
Captain Simeon's Galley to Nubble Light, York ME - approx 10 miles
N. Hampton Elementary to Nubble Light - approx 35 (70 miles RT)

Google MAP available here.


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT ride everone sory to miss it this year. It is always such a fun ride. I'll be away this weekend. cheers drew

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say The Bridge is closed. We have the option of riding south and looping thru Hampton Beach or a ~ 40 mile coastal ride to breakfast and back. It is supposed to be hot with thunderstorms in the afternoon. We can play it by ear.

Anonymous said...

The bridge is reopening August 15 th.

Anonymous said...

Have a great ride. Hope there is a cool ocean breeze for you. Ducky