Monday, July 15, 2013

Stone Soup and Peacocks

Stone Soup, July 13th
We had a terrific day for a ride to Ipswich on Saturday. Despite overcast skies, the rain never arrived, and the clouds kept the temperatures to a nice, comfortable range. We decided to head to Stone Soup for breakfast, taking back roads through Beverly and Wenham into Ipswich. Joining the ride on Saturday were Sheldon, Donna, Drew, Gail, Ducky (for part of the trip), Joan, Paul P., Paul G., Arlene, Anne, and Tam. For those who were wondering what roads we took, it was Dodge St (near Depot Diner) to the Larch Row Junction, left on Larch Row to Rt 22, picking up Sagamore where the ice cream stand used to be. (Now condos). We were on Sagamore for a while until taking a left onto Fellows, (where we saw a peacock!), right on Lakemans, left onto 133 and then a right onto Heartbreak down to Argilla. (Great route. One of my faves!) We've often taken that route in the opposite direction, heading home.

After a terrific breakfast at Stone Soup, the group split up. Joan, (training for a triathlon), left with Paul to get in a ride with no stops. Sheldon and Donna preferred the direct route back, taking 1A; Gail and Paul G. also stayed on 1A; while Anne, Tam, Drew and Arlene chose the quieter Mill Road return route. In typical Cyclopath fashion, the foursome met up with Gail and Paul near the Wenham Tea House, and took Cherry Street home together.

Sheldon reports that on the ride back from Ipswich, he and Donna saw another peacock... this time made of paper maché. A great ride!

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