Monday, July 15, 2013

Portsmouth Bridge Updates

From what I can tell, the Sarah Long Bridge in Portsmouth has been reopened (again). This is the bridge that was closed for several months after an oil tanker hit it -- and the bridge we usually cross on our trek to Maine. The Queen was in Portsmouth just a few weekends ago and the bridge was closed, but it looks like that was due to a multi-car accident. Multi-car crash shuts down traffic, Sarah Long bridge Seacoast Online, July 8, 2013). It appears that the bridge may be open.

The opening date for the new Memorial Bridge has not yet been announced, although is expected to open later this week. The contractor had a July 19th deadline, and a fine of $25,000 per day if the deadline was not met... so it's a good bet the Memorial Bridge will be open by this weekend. ( No Opening Date yet for new Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth Patch, July 13, 2013).

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