Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wenham/Ipswich, Second Day of Summer!

Outside Sophia's in Ipswich
We had a fantastic ride to Wenham & Ipswich today, with poor Paul Price being outnumbered once again by the women! Ten of us made our way to the Larch Row junction in Wenham, where the group split off for two breakfast destinations: Donna, Gail, and Margie opted for a short ride to the Wenham Tea House, while the remaining seven (Drew, Ann, Susan, Paul, Joan, Tam and new rider, Andrea) stuck together for a ride down Larch Row to 133 into Ipswich.

Not knowing whether the bridge near Stone Soup was repaired, we stayed in downtown Ipswich for breakfast at Sophia's -- a new breakfast establishment to add to our repertoire! After breakfast, the group returned towards Hamilton and Wenham by way of Mill Road and Route 97, stopping to regroup along the way. We had a terrific ride, and hope the Tea House Gang did as well!

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