Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Coastal Route - Magnolia/Gloucester

We had a terrific turnout of riders to start our summer breakfast rides! Rolling out of Salem at 6:30 a.m. this morning (despite Ethan's protest to the early hour) were Arlene, Lisa, Donna, Gail, Margie, Drew, Paul G , Jeff, Ethan, and Tam; (with Ducky meeting us on the bridge! (For a while, P. Giddy was nervous until Jeff and Ethan showed up... outnumbered by the women once again.) With temperatures in the 80s, we decided to stay along the coast and head to Manchester/Gloucester -- and Donna, keeper of the chalk, wrote our destination on the road. (This is important to note.)

As we headed north, Lisa set down a blistering speed towards Beverly Farms, which a few took as a challenge and hopped on her tail. They cruised up to The Farms, stopping to regroup at the Dunkin' Donuts, where Ducky announced, "Geesh. You're really hammering it today." No hard feelings, though, as everyone was content to split up after Beverly Farms, with one gang heading up to Gloucester while the other took a gentler pace through Magnolia.

The Magnolia Trespassers
With the Gloucester group gone, The Magnolia group decided to stop for breakfast at Essen, and because of Donna's genius chalk habit, Mike Sullivan was able to catch up and find the group! Not seeing the gang at the Beach Street Cafe, he ventured over to Essen, where he saw a group of bikes outside. Seeing a lone cyclist that he didn't know, he went up to him and asked, "Are you a Cyclopath?" (It wasn't.) Ha, ha.. that's just classic.

After breakfast, the gang looped out to Magnolia, where the temperature was at least ten degrees cooler. They stopped for a picture, (kindly taken by passerby Adam Costa on his iPhone), ignoring the 'No Trespassing' sign in front of them. Ahhh... oops? Clearly this is Sam's influence.

The Gloucester Riders
Meanwhile, Jeff and Lisa continued to lead the law abiding Gloucester group at breakneck speed up to Gloucester. Their breakfast destination today was The Morning Glory Cafe... where the girls all got a fruit salad and the guys ate something carb. After breakfast, Jeff decided to work off his Morning Glory muffin by riding on to Essex, while Paul followed the ladies back to Salem. It was a warm one today -- 88 degrees on the return. A great day for a summer ride!!

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