Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Rainout

Passing thunder showers cancelled our Cyclopath ride this morning at 6:30 a.m, and although the rain cleared by 7, pop-up storms were expected throughout the day. Paul and Gail made it to the Salem start, wondering where everyone was. Gail writes, "Two intrepid Cyclopaths braved the drizzle! Can you guess our route? Hint: check out the coffee mugs..." (Ha.. ha... the wallpaper is the real giveaway!)

Congrats to Paul and Sue Guertin on the arrival of their new grandson, Eliot North Parenteau!

Hope everyone stayed dry today. This weather has been terrible! Good luck to those riding the Tour de Shuls tomorrow!


Tamarise Cronin said...

I ended up in a double spin class today, which was not as much fun as riding. At one point, my right shoe came unclipped from the pedal in the middle of a climb. I managed to keep my balance, and as I clipped back in, noticed a screw on the floor. My brain was slow on the uptake... not realizing it came from the clip on the pedal... and as I started up the climb again, my foot came completely off the pedal with the pedal slamming into the back of my calf. Ouch!

As I jerked from the pain, my LEFT shoe unclipped, too, and I held on the the handlebars for dear life, trying keep my balance, both legs dangling off the pedals. The guy next to me asked if I was o.k... and I said yes. He then said, I never saw someone crash a spin bike before. OMG. Really?!!

Hope everyone had a good morning. We need sun!

Tam said...

The Cyclopath baby boom continues!

Congratulations, Paul, on your new grandson!

Anonymous said...

"Crash a Spin bike"?! Ooooops. Glad you are OK and it was just a loose screw. : ).
Nice job on the double Spin.