Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great Ride to the BGS

Ethan's iPhone pic
What a fantastic day for a ride! After surviving a week of rain, and missing last weekend's ride due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea, it felt so good to see the sunshine today! Heading out for a gorgeous ride to Boxford and breakfast at the Boxford General Store (BGS) were Joan and Paul, Gail, Margie, Sheldon, Donna, Anne, Tam and returning rider Susan -- with Ethan, Ducky and Queen Kathy joining the gang en route from various points, making us an even dozen.

The ride to Boxford was nice, although several times we encountered angry drivers, which was odd. (The roads through Wenham are usually the most peaceful!) As we headed on to Topsfield, the group split up as we made our way down Route 97 to regroup at the Topsfield Common. (Minus Anne (cut off in Ethan's pic). Anne missed the regroup point and got a little lost -- but found the BGS before our arrival and waited for us there.) After a nice breakfast, we all returned towards Salem, taking a leisurely pace together down the Topsfield Linear Common/Wenham Bike Trail to the Route 97 Hill. After climbing the hill, most spread out to ride their own pace, regrouping again near the Beverly Airport for the ride back through Beverly and Salem and the finish at the Roger Conant statue. A great day!

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