Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Ride Report??

Rumor has it that the Cyclopaths headed to the Depot Diner for breakfast on Saturday, followed by a loop through Bradley Palmer State Park. What a gorgeous day for a ride! Donna reports that 6 arrived for the (last) 7:30 start, including Brenda, JoanPaul, Gail, Ducky and Donna.

Curiously... Paul Guertin sent the following message today:

Hey gang,
I was at the bus stop in Salem this past Saturday at 7:00 am and no one was there. As a result I rode to Gloucester looking for someone and still no one showed up. So I stopped for breakfast and again no one showed up. So I got lost and no one showed up. So here I am, Sunday afternoon riding around the neighborhood looking for someone and still no one has showed up. 
Sooooo, if you can get out of bed I will look forward to seeing you this coming Sat at the bus stop at 7 a.m.
-- PG
Ha ha ha ha... The question is, does anyone believe him? Has anyone ever seen P. Giddy arrive on time (or early) for anything?? Hmmmmm....

7:00 am start next Saturday, May 29th, jumping to 6:30 the following week. (Who wants to give Guertin the wake-up call?) See you next week!

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