Monday, May 20, 2013

More from Saturday's Ride

Follow up ride report from Gail: Yes, we did have a wonderful ride yesterday. This one should be called The "Are We Going to Manchester?" Bradley Palmer Ride. We were considering several destinations (beyond Beverly Airport), so we had various ideas as to where we were going. Had we gone to Manchester, perhaps we would have seen Paul!

Following a great breakfast at The Depot Diner, our gang of six proceeded to Bradley Palmer where we rode our famous loop. A poor unsuspecting (but very willing) "gnome", out for a morning hike, was drafted to take the above photo.

Hope to see you next week -- Gail


Tamarise Cronin said...

GREAT PIC!!! Thanks, Gail! And what a gorgeous day!! Wish I cold have joined you. Hopefully we'll have more sunshine next Saturday. Can you believe the Memorial Day Weekend is upon us?

Sheldon said...

Hope to be riding on June 1. Best, Sheldon