Friday, May 31, 2013

End-of-Week News

Talia Jaclyn Yellin
Congratulations to new Cyclopath grandparents Ben and Marci Yellen! Ben and Marci's son, Adam, and his wife Jen, welcomed new daughter Talia Jaclyn to the world this week. We send our best wishes and congratulations to all!

In other Cyclopath news, Steve-Bob sends his greetings from the north country, along with his new address in Topsham, Maine. He reports there are great biking lanes up his way if anyone is interested in a change of view. He also writes, "Will miss the group and trust that you are all out there already preparing for the big ride! Best wishes to all! And great riding! -- Steve-Bob" (Happy riding to you too, SB. We'll plan a Cyclopath field trip soon.)

Dont forget, we're heading out at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow. It's going to be a warm one!


Sheldon said...

Dear Friends, Sorry to report that I have a case of low blood pressure and possibly Hyperthyroidism and I am extremely tired. Although I looked forward in great anticipation to a ride tomorrow, I think it best I take it easy over the weekend. Best, Cyclopath Sheldon

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sheldon. Rest up and feel better!
Cyclopath Donna

Tam said...

Feel better, Sheldon!!

Congrats, Ben and Marci!