Saturday, May 04, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Ride

We had a terrific day for a ride as the girls joined Sheldon for his 80th birthday ride to the Beverly Airport. Joining the celebration were Tam, Donna, Gail and Margie and surprise! -- BRENDA! The group headed to breakfast, with Sheldon leading the way as the ladies chatted up a storm. (Yes. He beat them to the airport.) Brenda had a card for Sheldon, and collected signatures from all... including birthday greetings from Northeast Ambulance and the patrons of the airport cafe. (Too funny.)

Soon after ordering coffee, The Queen joined the gang -- and moments later, Laurie, Av, Bill, and Barbara also arrived! Hooray! Tam had to leave... so the rest of the ride report comes from Donna, (below). (And soon, pics from Queen Kathy.) Happy Birthday to the Belarus Kid!


Sprocket Girl said...

Happy birthday, Sheldon! <3 xoxo

Sheldon said...

Thanks to all Cyclopaths for making my bday ride so loving and warm. The day was special and long to be remembered. With much love, The Belarus Kid