Monday, April 22, 2013

Staying Strong and Looking Ahead

Kathy, Meg and Donna at the BAA Finish Line
We endured a difficult week -- all of us -- one that we will never forget. We will always remember and mourn those who were killed in the bombings, and send prayers of healing to the injured and suffering. Last Monday, as we all know,  Donna, Meg, and Queen Kathy continued their annual tradition of checking in runners and handing out medals to the marathon finishers, celebrating great athletic achievements -- while Mike ran his marathon raising money for the Charlestown Lacrosse and Learning Center. We're thankful all were safe, and I'm fairly certain all will return to the marathon next year.

Our ride on Saturday was cancelled due to early rain, and I didn't hear from anyone, so I assumed you were as emotionally drained as I. Hopefully we'll have better weather next weekend and we can get together. We'll stick to the 8 am start unless someone expresses the desire to bump it earlier. May is just around the corner... this month has gone fast.

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